Enjoying My Adjustable Mesh and Backpack

Matt Burns, 2018-08-21

I fish some remote locations and needed something that could store my things for a long (11-12 hour) day of fishing.

This vest not only had more than ample room for my fishing gear, it has the added backpack which allowed me to pack a full lunch, 4 bottles of water, a thermos of coffee, my eyeglass case and room to store my jacket after it warmed up.

There is a special pocket in the main backpack compartment that will accommodate a 100 oz hydration pack with routing from compartment through shoulder strap for the hose.

After 11 hours of fishing some rough back country mountain streams, I never felt the weight of my gear!

The front vest storage is well thought out in placement, size and functionality.

The two front shell type fly storage compartments have slit foam fly inserts that are secured with Velcro for easy removing to load and unload while prepping for your trip.

The two front shell pockets drop down and rest in a horizontal table position, giving a nice stable surface for on the stream changing of flies and other tasks.

This fishing vest and backpack combo is very comfortable and extremely versatile in adjustments for fit. I comfortably transitioned from wearing a heavy jacket in the morning with low temps to shirt sleeves in the afternoon with minor adjustments of the straps and stowed my jacket in the backpack.

Great quality in this vest, with great features and really nice looking too! This is the best purchase I have made in a while in a time where we are often disappointed for things being less than advertised.

After spending a week comparing every fishing vest, with and without the backpack feature I could find online, I chose this one as the best fit for what I needed as this was most important to me.

Secondly, was the price....unbelievable quality for the price! I would put this up against the bigger names that come with an even bigger price tag just because of the name.

I highly recommend this vest!

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