Favorite Species of Fish?

Matt, 2018-12-12

Esteban Delgado

My favorite specie to fish with my fly rod is the trout. Fly fishing transcends borders, it's a Lifestyle, of interpreting nature, and enjoying the God creation. Fly fishing is spiritual. Let's not forget that the real pleasure of fly fishing, is catch & realese. Fly fishing allows breaking the predatory instinct. Casting out my rod, my fly hits the water and starts floating downstream,  I set the hook and the figth starts, this is the most exciting experience, and it is even better when the fly I used, I tied myself.

To learn to fly fishing is to see life in another way, and at the end, it can not be better to give the trout the opportunity to return to the water.


Brooke Elizabeth Wilson:

I enjoy fishing for trout (freshwater) and small mouth bass. I use a Maxcatch 9ft 5wt fly rod and this is the first year that I've dedicated fishing to just strictly my fly rod instead of my spinning rod and I couldn't love fishing more! Thanks Maxcatch for setting me up with a good rod and allowing me to love a hobby even more than I did before!


Pete Ward:

My new favorite is cutthroat trout in mountain rivers of Alberta Canada.

I had great success with a maxcatch 5 wt. Extreme rod and Avid reel with dry flies. Gear doesn't need to be expensive to be good.


Stephen Campbell:

Big browns and atlantic salmon just watching the take a big bomber and seeing them skyrocket out of the water is just something extremely addictive


Mart Jackson: 

Large carp using deer hair double pellet flies.

Broke my previous rod trying to land one of these beasts and now

I use a predator 9ft 10 weight rod and an avid reel.Must say both are excellent quality items of kit.

Great way to fish in the UK during summer months.


Michelly Moraes Cantoni

Here in My Country "Brazil" what comes out the most and is more tasty to catch are the Bocudas Tilápia. I always use Deer Hair and it catch a lot!

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