What's Your Favorite Reel?

Jimmy, 2018-08-22

Adrian Quizhpi:

The Sparta reel number 5-seven fits perfectly with Nano nymphing rod #3 creating an unbeatable balance to fish European style all day, its micro-adjustable brakes allows to enjoy the fight of a small or large capture in it, well done Maxcatch.

Esteban Delgado:

Sparta Reel with windcutter line and Black Star Rod works perfect, thank you Maxcatch Fishing.

Austin Shoemaker

The Sparta reel is quite amazing

The new aspire 9'8wt from @maxcatchfishing with the sprint real! Super stoked to toss this bad boy!


Today broke my personal best record.15kg Chao Phraya on @maxcatchfishing V-Spey 13' #6/7 rod paired with maxcatch Sparta 8ten reel.
Fought the fish for a good 15-20mins.

Thomas Andre Lothe

4.8kg of silver from my Sparta reel.

Christian Brooks

Now here was a ltl reel I was excited to play with I got it in my hand and just gave it a quick test and smooth was not the word for me.
I played the fish on the reel allot when I fished the set up. I also deliberately let no slack out on the line so that I have a take go straight to the reels drag and yes it performed extremely well.

Neill Walker

Wow what a fantastic reel and rod setup. Aspire rod with the Sprint reel. It looks big and heavy but in fact it's extremely light. Lots of room for backing and line for big fish and maintenance free, yet another great reel.

Samuel Liu

Nice Avid reel that got me this good size pacu.

Zénó Templom

I fishing with them about 4 months, and tried it on lake, and on small stream. Use them for nymphing, for dry flies, wet flies and streamers. The rod has a very good action, easy to cast with it and for big distances too. The rod had lots of hits by the trees and so on. I put it to the water a few times, and the rod is totally perfect and inmaculate.
The reel is really nice, refined and exact. It doesn't hurt the line, and it's brake is totally precise and sophisticated. I can say the reel is waterproof too.

Paul Chen

I am So excited to receive this in the mail this week. I couldn't wait until the weekend to try the new setup.

Joey Niemeier

Got into some pike with my 5wt ultra glass and avid reel..lost a few, one was really nice.. need some heavy leaders maybe. Used a green/chartreuse clouser.. Finished the night with a heck of a cat on cut bait..

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