My review of the Maxcatch 4w Uni Glass Rod Torro Reel

Christian Brooks, 2018-08-21

My review of the Maxcatch 4w Uni Glass Rod Torro Reel

Fishing fibreglass rods reminds me of fly fishing in a older age a more romantic age if you will. That has been reincarnated once again.

So I was excited to borrow some ones Uniglass Rod and Torro Reel to test .

 Why fibreglass rods what is the difference between fibreglass and graphite?

 Fishing fibreglass rods is not only about the feel but also has allot of advantages most marlin fly fishers and even bone fish anglers prefer the Fibreglass rods and why you might ask?

It’s the take when a 400 pound fish decides to take your fly and start running taking as much pressure of your leader is what is going to land you your dream fish or lose it.

 Fibreglass rods help protects those leaders those 5x or 6x tippets when fishing for that elusive brown trout on a dry fly.

 Being able to take allot of pressure away from the hook and tippet because the rod bends not only at the tip like most graphite rods but full flex is evident and the rod blank does some of the work.

There is allot of misconceptions when it comes to fishing fibreglass rods. Fibreglass rods are not for great distance casting but for those delicate presentations needed at times for those spooky fish.

 That slower casting strokes and reduced line speeds does not produce the line speed graphite rods do so fishing small streams and banks it will allow you to manipulate your line around those tricky trees that has taken so many flies of ours.

The Maxcatch Uniglass 4w Traveller rod was paired up with a Torro fly reel for my fishing.

I mainly fished still waters for the weekend when I went testing the rod. I was sent the wrong line 5w line for the 4w rod and unfortunately it did not match up with the rod.

 The reason I do say that is because the line was overloading the rod so much that it started to drag the line down allot in my cast after reaching 10-15m cast making the rod extremely unforgiving due to this.

I paired up the rod with 2 types of 4w line then of my own one a DT4W line and the other a short taper WF 4W line.

 There seems to be allot of confusion as well on why certain lines are selected for rods and allot of this rod is for DT lines only or for WF lines only.

 When I casted the rod I felt that I can use a short taper WF line as well as a DT line on the rod.

 The reason for a short taper line was that it does not drag the line down so much resulting in a sagging line due to the weight of the taper being so long it affects my casting at times.

Why a DT Line? Other than the obvious presentation and you can turn it around? Well the taper being in the mid section of the line thus the belly of the line carrying the weight does not sag the line down when casting resulting in allot smother cast and feel for me.

Let’s have a look at the Maxcatch kit 

 For this purpose I will be giving the kit ratings out of 10.

Uni glass rod

 Rod tube I found the Material around the tube to be a bit lose and made the rod tube slide around inside the material over it. Rod tube 5/10


 The rod itself looked great when I had a proper look at it but let’s be honest looks don’t catch fish.

I found the rod to be very forgiving when matched up with the right 4w line smooth casting and easy strokes also the weight of the rod made it possible to swing it around casting whole day long without those aches and pains that comes along with my age.

 I put the rod up against another well know brand that I will not mention.

 When I got into a fish I found that the rod held its own flexing nicely into the blank allowing me to play the fish on my 6x tippet and not worry about breaking the fish off.

 The initial take of the fish was hard and when I lifted the rod up to secure the hook I felt the rod once again save me from a overzealous strike.

 Rod feel when casting 7/10

 Rod play fish on 8/10

The loading of short distance cast was great and great accuracy was achieved with minimal effort. 

 Medium distances the rod also performed great 

 Longer distances do not expect any glass rods to do those 25 -30 foot cast. How ever the rod did hold its own. 

Loading short distances 7/10

 Medium distances 7/10

 Long distances 6/10

 Rod looks 7/10

 Rod Price 8/10

 The rod did present some visual appealing features and was a good looking rod

 Over all I will give the Uni Glass a 7/10

 But the main question I’m sure you all have is will I buy one for myself and the answer is yes I will and also encourage a purchase for this rod. 

 This ltl stick did put a smile on my face all day long.

Torro reel

Now here was a ltl reel I was excited to play with I got it in my hand and just gave it a quick test and smooth was not the word for me.

 I played the fish on the reel allot when I fished the set up. I also deliberately let no slack out on the line so that I have a take go straight to the reels drag and yes it performed extremely well.

The Torro Reel is smooth functions well and does a great job when playing fish I have nothing but great things to say and I doubt anything in freshwaters will be able to bully this reel. 

 Great ltl sealed drag system that I doubt will let you down any time 

Reel drag 9/10

 Reel weight 7/10

 Reel Looks 7/10

 Swapping spools 7/10

 Reel Price 8/10

 Over all I give this reel a 7/10 as well

Will I purchase a Torro Reel? Yes any day of the week.

 The Uniglass rod and Torro Reel Did change my mind about what fishing is about. Since me like some others do tend to buy rods and reels that in my opinion are way to overpriced some times for the function it proves to me. Fishing this set up reminded me that you don’t have to go out and spend a fortune to get great reliable gear.

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