Phoenix Fly Fishing Tips For A Productive And Enjoyable Trip

Qianqian, 2021-03-30

You've probably heard many Phoenix fly fishing stories and now you want to experience fishing there for yourself. Below are some fly fishing tips to make sure that you'll make the most of your time in Phoenix.

Why go to Phoenix fly fishing?

It has been the practice of people living in the Northern parts of the United States to visit Phoenix and other parts of Arizona during winter. The city is a good choice especially if you want to experience warmth. Anglers have another reason to come to Phoenix too. The place is surrounded by fly fishing destinations that even the most well-traveled anglers will surely enjoy. The place provides an opportunity to catch different species of fish. So if you're into fly fishing and you haven't been to Phoenix, then you should probably make it your next destination. 

What to bring on your trip

If you're going on a Phoenix fly fishing trip, you need to be prepared. You need to bring all the necessary gear and equipment that can make your trip a fruitful one. Of course, you need to pack your best rod with your best reel. You may need to bring different kinds of rods because you'll encounter different species of fish in Phoenix. It is also advisable that you bring a fishing vest. This will allow you to have all the necessary tools and materials close to you at all times. You should also bring a reliable backpack or sling bag to carry all of your fishing gear that won't fit on your vest.

You should also consider bringing waders. They will allow you to go to difficult spots in the water. Waders will also protect your feet from sharp rocks. You also need to bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Make sure that the lenses are polarized to remove the glare from the water. To transport your flies safely, you need to have a waterproof and durable fly box. This will keep your flies safe and dry while you go fishing. You can actually find a fly fishing combo set that comes with all of the things you'll need for a day in the water.

Best Phoenix fly fishing spots

There are many great fly fishing spots in and around Phoenix. In fact, you can fish for large bass and pike right in the heart of the city. But if you want to fish for trout, you need to go through the pine forest and to the Black River. This river is located just three hours away from Phoenix. It may seem like a long drive but it's definitely worth it. There, you can find Apache, brown, and rainbow trout. The best time to go is during spring, summer, or fall. 

Saguaro Lake is another fishing spot worthy of a visit. You need to ride a kayak or boat to be able to fish on this lake. There you can catch largemouth bass and rainbow trout during the winter.

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