Why You Should Try Spanish Fly Fishing

浅浅, 2021-02-05

Spanish fly fishing is something that both novice and experienced anglers should try if they have the means to do it. When you search about fly fishing in Spain on Google, you'll see many different accounts of people who have tried it and who have enjoyed the experience immensely. 

To many, Spain is synonymous with old cathedrals, bullfights, and flamenco. But the country is also a prime destination to fly fishing some big fish. And the best place to fish in Spain is in the Pyrenees, which has the best rivers, lakes, and streams in the whole nation. In the Pyrenees, you'll also see Spain's most protected and well-preserved natural wonders. Indeed, the Pyrenees is a veritable paradise on earth.

If you're still not convinced that Spain should be on your list of must-go places for fly fishing then read on. 

Type of fish

You're probably wondering what kind of fish awaits you in Spain. When fishing in the Pyrenees, you have a very good chance of catching a zebra trout. This species of trout is endemic in the whole Mediterranean region but is definitely abundant in the Pyrenees. Of course, the zebra trout is not the only kind of fish that you can catch in Spain. You can also expect to catch brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, and barbel. And you can catch these species by mostly using only a dry fly. Now, are you excited to book a trip to Spain to have a fly fishing tour?

Excellent guides

Speaking of tours, don't forget to book a fly fishing guide if you do want to experience Spanish fly fishing. Spain has some of the best fly fishing guides and teachers in all of Europe. Sure, you can go the DIY route. But if you want to experience the best that Spain has to offer as far as fly fishing is concerned and if you want to maximize your trip, then hiring a guide is a must. Look for a professional fly fishing company that is run by certified guides in the Pyrenees. There are many different kinds of tours to choose from. Fly fishing holidays and adventures are available both for individuals as well as for groups and families.

Enjoy the sunny weather

If you want to go to a place where it's always sunny, then the Pyrenees should be on top of your list. The place offers the perfect condition for fly fishing all-year-long. But of course, anglers are not the only ones who will enjoy a vacation in the Pyrenees. The place is perfect for the whole family. So if you're an angler looking for a perfect place where you can enjoy your hobby and take your family on a nice holiday at the same time, then the Pyrenees is the place for you to go. You need to stop dreaming and start making it a reality instead. So start packing your fishing gear, buy a plane ticket, and start booking a Spanish fly fishing tour.

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