Why You Should Get Yourself Polarized Fly Fishing Glasses

Qianqian, 2020-10-23

Fly fishing is a visual game and this is why you need to wear fly fishing glasses. You need your eyes if you want to catch fish, however, as a result of what is known as light polarization, if you don't put on polarized sunglasses, it is almost as though you are fishing blindfolded. Although polarized sunglasses can be quite expensive, purchasing a quality one is one of the wisest investments in fishing you could ever make. Hence if you are still undecided in this regard, here are some unique advantages of these sunglasses.

Benefits of Fly fishing glasses

There are five distinct benefits of using sunglasses in your fishing adventure and they include the following:

1.Decreased glare.

2.More contrast for clearer vision.

3.Helps avoid risks.

4.Helps monitor the process.

5.The lens colour helps to boost vision.

1.     Decreased glare:

The first step towards having a fruitful fishing adventure involves studying and understanding the water. By simply looking at the water, you will see things such as boils, riffles, seams, and other ways through which the water flows. This knowledge could go a long way in helping you decipher where the fishes are concentrated. The challenge, in this case, is that these sub-surface elements are mostly covered by the effect created by the sun reflecting on the water.

What the flare does is that it only allows you to read about half of what the water is saying which means you may not catch as many fishes as you should. The good news is polarized fly fishing glasses can help you out. The lens of polarized sunglasses is created using polarizers which can block off reflected sunlight. During this process, the glare gets eliminated and you will be able to see the seams and rifles on the surface.

2.     More contrast for clearer vision:

Upon reading the water and having a good idea of where the fishes may likely be, you may begin hunting for the fishes. The ability of polarized sunglasses to see through water in your search for fishes makes them handy. Also, they have a unique feature which makes them advantageous and that feature is the visual contrast.

Majority of fishing sunglasses come with coloured lenses which help to increase the overall contrast by different degrees. In the case of fish spotting, increased visual contrast will help you better identify the features of the fish in the water.

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3.     Avoid unwanted risks:

The fact that you can identify structures underwater is a game-changer in the world of fishing. In addition to helping you catch more fishes, it also helps you avoid danger. Using the glare reduction capability of fishing sunglasses, you will easily navigate and stay away from dangers such as submerged logs, and deep holes which could be dangerous to you.

4.     Helps monitor the process:

The contrast-enhancing and glare cutting ability of polarized fly fishing glasses means that your fish finding and water reading job is easier. They also help you get the job completely done! With clear water, polarized glasses could assist you to monitor your fly as it goes down in the water. When you observe that fish fly has suddenly disappeared in-between a flash of light, you know you have to set the hook.

Also, if you are the type of person that often fishes nymphs in a strike indication, using the polarized glasses glare reduction function means you will easily track your strike indicator.

5.     The lens colour helps to boost vision:

Fishes are often more present during dusk and dawn. What this implies is that some fish species are brightest during the stormiest and darkest days. The big challenge here is that during such times of increased fishing activity, the available light isn’t always enough. The good news is that with polarized sunglasses, you will be able to block the sunlight and boost your vision when combined with good lenses.

In low-light conditions, yellow lenses are the perfect choice because they help in absorbing light for you to see while also giving you increased contrast.


Fishing is fun, especially if you are catching fishes! This is where many people get frustrated and abandon fishing altogether. However, when you are well kitted, it increases your chances of a profitable adventure. It, therefore, suffices to say that fishing glasses are a game-changer.

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