A Review of the Pocket Guide to Fly Fishing Knots

Qianqian, 2020-10-10

The Pocket Guide to Fly Fishing Knots is one book that every angler should have. It's a very short book and serves mostly as a reference. Though it would also be a good idea to study the contents of the book before you go on your fishing trip.

 And you shouldn't be fooled by the brevity of this book because it covers everything you need to know about fly fishing knots. It is simply jam-packed with useful information. It shows you all the different kinds of knots that you can use. More importantly, though, the book tells you when to use these knots. 

The book is only 24 pages long but the information contained in it is priceless. It's very affordable too. So there's really no reason not to get a copy, especially if you're serious about fly fishing. It's not only about knots, though. The book covers other important information. It also tells you how to choose the right rod, reel, line, and leader. 

It also contains information on how to present the fly and even has casting troubleshooting tips. The information contained in the book makes it the perfect reading material for someone who is just starting with fly fishing. This is not to say though that experienced anglers will not benefit from the book. After all, everyone - even the so-called experts - can benefit from a refresher course from time to time. 

This book also makes for an ideal gift for that person in your life who is into fly fishing. It's a gift that will definitely be valued and appreciated because of the information it contains. So if you're not sure what to get someone who is into fly fishing, then better give him or her this book especially if you don't know what kind of gear to buy. Better yet, why not give him or her a good quality gear together with a copy of this book?

One of the best things about the book is that it is illustrated. And the illustrations show clearly how to do the different knots. In this day and age when everything is almost accessible online. An instructional material like a book has become a rarity. And while it's convenient to just go to YouTube to learn about fly fishing lines, it still makes a difference if you can hold the instructional material in your hand. 

And this is such a small and handy book. It's so small that you can bring it with you every time you go on a fishing trip. And when you do then you can be assured that important information is always with you when you need it. And you don't even need to go online.

So do yourself a favor and buy a copy of this book today. Better yet, buy several copies. Leave a copy in your library at home then leave one in your fly fishing bag. Then you should also get some copies for your buddies who are also into fly fishing so you can all benefit from this gem of a book.

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