where to go smoky moutain fly fishing

Qianqian, 2020-07-07

One of the best things outdoor-lovers can do in the Tennessee-North Carolina area is to enjoy some Great Smoky Mountain fly fishing. The national park is not only filled with numerous fishing spots but also incredible sceneries of thick forests, flowing rivers, and an outdoor experience that will have you breathing in the sweetest fresh air. Here is a list of some of the best spots to enjoy your fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


If you are an avid fly fisher then you have to know about Little River in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as it is considered one of the best places to go fly fishing for some trout in the whole United States. The river is divided into three sections: East,Prong, Middle Prong, and West Prong. All three branches of the river offer the usual rainbow and brown trout, but the East Prong is known for having some of the largest brown trout in the whole park with more than a few being larger than 20 inches. Little River's Middle Prong is one of the more popular fishing spots thanks to the smaller stream that runs almost 9 miles long. It is also surrounded by beautiful sceneries and long pools that offer its visitors a fun experience to go with their fishing get-away.


This watershed can be found on the Tennessee side of the border. Abrams Creek is a favorite spot among many anglers for one simple reason: the size of the trout here are quite impressive. You better be an experienced fly fisher if you want to try these waters, because the stream is not only wider but a bit rougher too. Though, your struggles will be greatly rewarded when you see the size of your catch at the end of the day.


This incredibly popular fishing spot is located on the North Carolina side of the park near Fontana Lake. Even though the creek is found in a relatively remote area, many anglers enjoy the spot for two reasons: the terrain allows for an easy fishing experience that even amateurs can enjoy; and there is plenty of brown and rainbow trout that are above average in size. If you make your way to the lower end, you also have a small chance of catching some smallmouth bass, but I wouldn't bet on it if I were you.


Unlike the other spots in North Carolina, Twentymile Creek is not as popular, even during peak fishing seasons. The watershed is filled with rainbow trout and some brown trout no matter when you visit, and the creek also offers easy access. Some people say that the creek is meant for fly fishers who want to practice their angling techniques due to the more challenging area on the lower side, which is why you will never find a crowd here. For this reason, if you want to enjoy the peace and quiet while you're out fishing then this is the perfect spot.

Great Smoky Mountain fly fishing is very popular, not only for the abundance of trout in its various creeks and streams but also because you can visit and do some fishing any time of the year. While some months may offer more of a challenge than others, you can still catch something.

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