What’s Fly Fishing Rig Keeper For

Qianqian, 2020-03-27

When it comes to a fly fishing rig keeper, many fly fishing newcomers may get confused about why to have one. Actually, after fly fishing outside for once or twice, these anglers will definitely understand the reason. So if you have any doubt and are still wondering why the keeper is a must, this passage will give you the answer.

√ Introduction

Rig keeper of fly fishing is a dropper rig system that allows fly anglers to conveniently carry various hook rigs, which is a tidy and neat way to keep both new and used rigs. The keeper is designed to hold any kind of dropper rigs, such as truck and trailer, multiple wets and so on. Also, it is conducive to making the anglers' fishing lines, snelled hooks and leaders organized and orderly.


Compared with having no specific place to store rigs, it is really advantageous to own a rig keeper of fly fishing and prepare rigs one needs the night before. With a rig keeper, hook rigs can be held safely and protected against being damaged or lost by exposed ribs until they are needed. No matter what kind of style of rigs it holds, the fly anglers can use it quickly and simply. 

Carrying fly fishing rig keeper represents less worry about rigging and more valuable time and more fun with flies in the water! Choose a keeper that you are fond of now and enjoy your fly fishing without too many annoying things around you.

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