Which is your favorite species of Salmon?

Vivien Brial, 2019-03-20

4 Different species of Salmons :


Chinook Salmon :


His surname “King Salmon” can talk for him, the Chinook Salmon is a stronger fighter.

Well known in the Pacific area, those fish are used to enter estuaries and bays few months before spawning. Aggressive, catch them by fly fishing is not an easy task, that’s why it’s necessary to fly fish it with at least an 8wt rod of 9’, and a solid drag reel that can support a large backing, a sinking line is the most appropriate.

Flies : Medium to big, often with 2 different colors, like black and blue, purple and black, or pink and orange.

Sockeye Salmon :


The sockeye Salmon is not missing in Alaska also known as “Red Salmon”.

From May to September you can fly fish Sockeye Salmon in lake fed. They don’t bite a fly easily, feeding of blooms and plankton they’re not really aggressive but often shy, they can totally ignore a fly that’ why the “lined in mouth” method is frequently used, more easy to catch them this way during their travel period, however they can also hit flies during their spawning period.

A 7-8 wt rod of 9’ is recommended, good dragon your is necessary cause the sockeye Salmon is really fast and floating type line, weight forward.

Flies : Small and sparse like Krystal shrimp, Crazy Charlie or Comet.

Chum Salmon :


Large fish, also known as “Dog Salmon”, the Chum Salmon is a solid fighting fish during spawning.

From May to October Chums are also abundant and compare to other salmon species they travel a short distance, you can find them on larger rivers.

That’s also their pleasure to break rods, a 8-9 wt spey rod of 9 foot long is recommended, a reel with an high line capacity is better, cause chum salmon are acting like bulls, with also a solid drag system, about lines floating lines ans sink tip lines can be good.

Flies : They like pink flies, darker flies if they’re out of saltwater for a while.

Coho Salmon :


This “Silver Salmon” is one of the most appreciated by anglers, and here again a really good fighter.

They spent more time than other salmon in freshwater, from July to November, you can find them in coastal streams and tributaries of larger rivers, they are aggressive.

To enjoy a good part of fun with a Coho Salmon a 7-8 wt fast action rod/switch rod could be amazing in 9’ or 10’ foot long, about the reel same advice than for Chinook : solid drag system and an high line capacity. Weight forward floating line.

Flies : They tend to prefer large flies, pink, orange and chartreuse could be nice.

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